Trademark Prosecution

A trademark is a property right granted by a government to protect words, names, symbols, sounds or colors that distinguish products and services.  Unlike patents, trademarks may be continuously renewed as long as they are used in business.  The Noblitt Group’s trademark practice provides a complete range of services for domestic and international clients.

The process for registering a trademark is generally adversarial in nature.  A government employee is charged with performing a search of existing trade designations and entering rejections based on the results of the search, procedural issues and matters as to form.  Your trademark attorney responds to communications from the examiner and enters arguments to overcome any rejections.

Convincing and successful argument is generally only possible if your attorney is technically competent to discuss each issue arising in trademark prosecution.  Our trademark attorneys have extensive experience and considerable international resources to efficiently and successfully handle all trademark related matters, from prosecuting applications to litigation support.

We would be happy to discuss other features and more specific details of trademarks, servicemarks and other matters relating to goodwill at your request.

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