Intellectual Property Research

The Noblitt Group provides expert intellectual property research services for its domestic and international clients.  All research projects are principally managed by one of our attorneys to insure that any information returned from the search and all correspondence benefits from the attorney-client privilege.

Some of our research services include:

Patentability Searches

The goal of this search is to find an anticipating reference or combination of references that a patent Examiner might likely use against an Applicant in an initial Office Action.

Infringement Searches

An infringement search looks for patents still in force having claims directed to the same or similar technology so as to potentially prevent one from pursuing the subject matter of interest without a licensing arrangement.

Clearance Searches

A clearance search patents covered by an infringement search but also expired patents or other relevant prior art now in the public domain.

Validity Searches

A validity search looks for prior art that teaches the claimed subject matter in a single document from anywhere in the world.  A validity search also locates anticipating references, or the best combination of relevant references, both inside and outside the literal scope of a particular source reference.

We would be happy to discuss other features and more specific details of our intellectual property research practice at your request.

For more information, please give us a call.