Alternative Dispute Resolution

In most circumstances, alternative dispute resolution presents a less costly alternative to litigation.  At The Noblitt Group, we understand the advantages and disadvantages of various dispute resolution options and we work closely with clients to identify those techniques that may be best employed to meet their objectives.

Some of these options may include:


Because this technique is normally not as aggressive as litigation, it is well adapted to resolving disputes between parties who intend to remain business partners.  While arbitration does not generally permit appeals, it does result in a timely decision and can be extremely effective for parties who are agreeable to terminating their dispute on the basis of the final decision of the arbitrator.


Mediation is another technique that has been successfully employed to resolve disputes and negotiate licenses.  This technique is an effective approach when the parties cannot resolve their differences because of personal distrust or animosity.  In such instances, a skilled team of mediators can be highly successful in negotiating a settlement and enabling the parties to end their dispute without formal litigation.

Summary Jury Trial

A summary jury trial enables the parties to present their cases before a panel of jurors.  The jury then delivers a non-binding opinion to both sides revealing how a real jury might decide in an actual trial.  The panel decision provides both parties with a reasonable understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions and increases their confidence in an early settlement.

We would be happy to discuss more specific details of our alternative dispute resolution practice at your request.

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